I’m Aware: Where Is The Love?

By now, you should have seen or heard about Peggy Hubbard, the Black grandmother, who took to Facebook this weekend to verbally assault African Americans after the unfortunate deaths of a young man shot by police and a little girl shot by criminals in St. Louis. Ms. Hubbard used social media to unleash a 6-minute vile rant where she called African Americans everything, but children of God. The most profound statement to me, as an African American Mother of two, was her opinion that “Black people are the most violent motherf**kers she has ever seen in her life.” To this admonishment, I reply “where is the love?”

August 2015, marks one-year since the death of Mike Brown. We are three years passed the death of Trayvon Martin, and the deaths of Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Walter Scott, and many others are fresh wounds waiting to be healed. As I listened to Ms. Hubbard talk about how violent and trifling Black people are and how we should be more concerned with what she called “black brutality,” I could not help but wonder 1.) where she got her facts and 2.) what she knows about unconditional love and reproof.

According to the FBI, more white people are murdered each year than any other race in America. It is also true that other white people murder 84% of white people killed in America. It is also true that almost 4 centuries ago, Africans were captured, bound, chained, whipped, and enslaved in America. Violence is how Black people came to be in America. Then once slavery was abolished, violence and Jim Crow paved the way for American Apartheid. The likelihood that a murderer’s victim will be someone of their own race is due in part to the violent history of segregation imposed by white people in America.

When I listen to Ms. Hubbard verbally assault Black people without loving facts but heresay, I am inclined to believe that there exists some level of self-hatred fueling her thoughts. It is this same self-hatred expounded upon that I believe fuels the very murders that she is offended by. In a media climate majority owned by wealthy white families, Did Ms. Hubbard ever inquire about why the majority of white-on-white murders happening in America annually are not publicized? Did she ever examine the root narrative of her own self-hatred? Did she ever stop to wonder why she could comfortably blame her child for his own mistakes and appropriate potential rape as a proper method of reproof? Something is terribly wrong here.

I woke up this morning to see major news media publications applauding Ms. Hubbard’s verbal abuse. Is it not shocking that news media outlets would choose to promote the Black grandmother upset with “Black Lives Matter” over the success of the “Straight Outta Compton” movie/movement that is empowering young people to speak their truths about injustices? From my viewpoint, there are no coincidences. Yes, people, not just Black people, die every day from various causes, and every one chooses his or her own stance, but I feel sorry for Ms. Hubbard. One day she will have to explain to her grandchildren why she chose a tone of self-hatred and  the belief that Black lives do not matter.