I’m Aware – The Good Life

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Iam pleased to announce that dreams do come true! I am pleased to announce that we can all live good lives if pursued. I am pleased to announce that heartache and pain and struggle have greater purpose than any of us can imagine. I am pleased to announce that “V” stands for victory!

I am pleased to announce that I, Clarissa Joan Middleton, have been accepted as an MFA candidate at the prestigious University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts, the #1 film school in the world.

After years of wrestling with my hopes, dreams, joys, peace, love, and aspirations through ”a sea of unnavigable waves,” in less than 10 days, Theo and I will be relocating to the Golden State of our dreams. I have been awarded a scholarship for my studies from The George Lucas Family Foundation. Coincidentally, I have been named a Mellody Hobson scholar. How is that for a finance girl turned creative media producer?!

I want to thank you all sincerely for your support of my journey. Sharing my testimony with you all over the last three-years has been my saving grace, and this is only the beginning.

I am taking a break from posting to get acclimated at USC. I will be returning with regular post in January 2017. Until then I leave you with a scripture that captures the essence of my journey thus far and a very important universal truth. I believe if you find space in your heart for this scripture you two can surrender to life and achieve your dreams.

We must all recognize that EVERYTHING is working for our good. We cannot separate light from dark or our ups from downs. We must see God always in all ways. We must love our lives in all ways always.

The Clarissa Joan Experience was birthed out of me sharing my truth as a woman committed to trusted God no matter what. This platform of pain, suffering, love, joy, and peace went forth into the world making me a viable candidate for the #1 film school in the country where one of the greatest filmmakers of all time will be supporting my education. All pain has great purpose if we are willing to do the work to heal. Every one has a great bounty set aside for them by God. The way to our destinies is by appreciating the journey no matter what.

A good life, like the one I am living now, and one that you too can achieve forever and ever, is one relentlessly committed to love, peace, and joy always in all ways.


“The Kingdom of Heaven is like a farmer who planted good seed in his field. 25 But that night as the workers slept, his enemy came and planted weeds among the wheat, then slipped away. When the crop began to grow and produce grain, the weeds also grew.

 “The farmer’s workers went to him and said, ‘Sir, the field where you planted that good seed is full of weeds! Where did they come from?’

 “‘An enemy has done this!’ the farmer exclaimed.

“‘Should we pull out the weeds?’ they asked.

 “‘No,’ he replied, ‘you’ll uproot the wheat if you do. 30 Let both grow together until the harvest. Then I will tell the harvesters to sort out the weeds, tie them into bundles, and burn them, and to put the wheat in the barn.’”

Matthew 13:24 -30



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